About Us

Mt Kenya Times is Newspaper and digital platform that provides a unified view of Africa & world news, with emphasis on; entrepreneurship, economics, health, technology, agribusiness, education, sports, events, opinions, analysis, and a historical background to current affairs in a way that is both creative and innovative. We are the industry leader in creating high-value content for engaging targeted audiences and leveraging those audiences for its clients.

So, we offer you the priceless resource of professional staffs with special training on writing skills,  graphics design, and communication all using the industry’s most advanced technology. This results into Ads that sparkle your image and amplify the command of your message.

Moreover, we will guide you with our best ideas by keeping in constant touch with your company and informing about the latest market trends.

Our comprehensive editorial captures the ideas that reshape markets in every sector of the economy.  The Mt. Kenya Times provides exceptional medium where business leaders from all walks of life, level of experience can share their know-how with fellow entrepreneurs while gaining expertise and attaining exposure to potential clients.

The Mt. Kenya Times is also a proficient multi-channel marketer that offers specialized distribution and unique marketing programs that provide access to markets that are otherwise hard to reach.

Mission Statement 

The Mt Kenya Times mission is to be the most excellent resource for the quality reporting, informing and analysing the social, economic & financial trends that impact every individual.

We seek to refine information, create solutions and provide through multiple media a dynamic, useful tool that offers a holistic vision of human transformation and fosters positive development 

Why Advertise With Us?

In promoting the success of entrepreneurs, investors and business moguls, The Mt. Kenya Times defines a new standard of business excellence. We exhibit the expertise, capability, zeal, and character required to take on the modern business. Due to the unpredictable and ever changing dynamics in business landscape, we have adopted a targeted media strategy where we reach out to a highly relevant audience; in other words, ‘prospects’  who are more likely to be converted into customers, making it an efficient and highly cost-effective marketing tool. We got the reach you need. Advertise with us to increase your visibility, get connected, and join the web of decision makers who call the shots at world’s top companies.

Our Values

The Mt. Kenya Times adheres to a set of core values, beliefs, and principles that guide our company’s choices and staff actions as we meet our mission of informing and improving public intellect:


We adjust and keep afloat in the ever-changing business landscape by developing exceptional strategies and solutions to all our clients’ needs.


We are committed to developing excellent products with unique qualities 

We provide information that is responsive to both immediate and long-term demands of businesses development. We engage broadly with civic, business, labor, nonprofit, government, educational, and research groups.


Our publications circulation is designed to increase visibility, presence, store traffic and sales revenue for our advertisers through:

  • National & Regional Reach: Even though The Mt. Kenya Times has prided itself on offering “The Best Regional Advertising in Africa” we still maintain a great touch with our national clientele.
  • Far-Reaching and Effective: The Mt. Kenya Times reaches Greater Africa region with full-color ads featuring money-saving offers.
  • Global Reach: Our online version offers authoritative insight and opinion on local & international news, market trends, business, finance, science and technology.

Advertising Benefits

The Mt. Kenya Times is Africa’s first economic newspaper & online platform with a difference. We are dedicated to winning–and upholding–local and international consumers, we are expert at assisting businesses with their advertising needs while setting the industry success standards. Our tried & tested system guarantees you Repeat Business & Market Retention. You benefit from:

True Partner At Your Service….USE US!

Low price, high circulation and outstanding quality-per-shilling make The Mt. Kenya Times ideal for introducing new products, maintaining existing markets, stock clearance or year-end sales, presenting seasonal promotions… you name it, we do it. 

Put Your Company in Great Company

Above and beyond a great medium for your message, Mt. Kenya Times puts your business alongside other reputable businesses, so you get enhanced credibility and instant consumer acceptance.

Long Shelf Life

As opposed to TV commercials & Radio adverts that requires the client to be at the  trans-receiver gadget location, print media offers the client total control of when & where to read. In fact, its shelf life lasts as long as the client wishes. That gives your message repeat exposure and more time to generate responses. The online version gives a lasting image; its global presence makes it the leading African media.

Our Services

Print Services

  • National & Regional Advertising
  • Research Reporting
  • Marketing

Digital Services

  • Online Advertising
  • Online Market Analysis
  • Social Media Marketing

Why It Works  

  • Less expensive than billboards
  • People hold onto it
  • Powerful impression
  • Far-reaching
  • Rich in growth potential
  • Recognized nationally and internationally.


Who Reads The Mt. Kenya Times 

  • CEOs/Managing Directors
  • Financial Executives
  • Human Resources Executives
  • Technology Experts
  • Investors/Entrepreneurs
  • General Public

The Mt. Kenya Times is delivered straight to the desks of decision makers. They are CEOs, presidents, Finance Executives, HR specialists, ICT officers, consultants, investors, heads of multi-nationals, sports executives, advisers, sales and marketing leads, executive directors, name them! . The digital version is right at your gadget, be it phone, computer or tablet.