Adebobola Victor Ademayowa


What is your name?
Adebobola Victor Ademayowa, and I write as BobMayor


Where were you born and where do you currently reside?
Ondo state, Nigeria


By: Firdaus H Salim

Tell us about your profession.

I am a student of computer engineering at the Federal University Oye, Oye-Ekiti

What inspired you to the world of writing?
Nothing really, I just remembered I’d started writing since I was old enough to steal meat from my mother’s pot

Which genre do you write on?

Tell us about your published books.
I’d talk mostly about my recent one, “unclad”. People say there’s light at the end of the tunnel or wait for God’s light in their life. But for me, this book was my light even as the writer, you have no idea how much light it brought to my life, reassurance, hope and the light in the dark and I’m sure it will for you.

What challenges do you face as a writer?
My first was my writing style, it was labeled as too plain for a while, until later when I had to go back to my books and work more on myself. 2nd is getting a larger audience, though I found a way to put an end to it by reaching out myself. Because if you don’t go, you won’t know.

What motivates you as a published author?

The fact that there are many broken people in  this world who need that little motivation to move on.

Are you part of any writers’ community? 

Yes, a whole lot.

Tell us about your achievements :

I don’t count my achievements with awards and recognition, I count it with the number of lives my poems has touched, so if this is what you mean then I have touched quite a bunch

What are your future plans as a published author? 

Touch as many lives as possible, inspire more to be who they should be

What advice can you give to the upcoming writers?

Just stay true to yourself, fight hard for what you believe in, and lastly, don’t stop writing.

Apart from writing, what else do you do?

Like I said earlier, I’m still a student so nothing really much.

How can the world reach you and your works?

(provide your email/social media handles/book titles/social media fan pages) – you can reach out to me at, @ademayowa on Twitter, b.o.b_m.a.y.o.r on Instagram

Anything else that you may want to add?

Nothing else…

 Give your thanks.

I appreciate the organizers of this platform, for letting me speak a little about what I believe in.




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