Unemployed youths
By: Twongirwe Ireen

Congratulations all for managing to finish your studies in different institutions under different courses.

I know life has not been easy for some of you because of limited job either under your profession. It’s very clear that there are no jobs and most of you are still unemployed and my advice to you is that, there are numerous things you can do that can make you employed. You can be a boss to yourself. This is when you get out of your comfort zone and discovers yourself little more than ever before, get out of fear, believe in yourself and go face the world. There are lots of opportunities outside your comfort.

You Have to know what you can do better it can be an innovation something like business which is unique and can sell you. It shouldn’t be specifically in your profession But in any other sectors so longer as your earning.

Another thing, now days the professional don’t matter what matters is what you can put on the table such as skills, experience, talent, among others. This can sell you and change your life for good.

I know some may ask that we don’t have capital to start that, but there are some things you can do without investing a lot of money. This needs to use your brain and think outside the box. I know we try our best, but things are not coming out well, people criticize us, laugh at us, and most of the time these put us down, and we start doubting our capabilities. All these pass away if we don’t give up on our dreams Amidst these challenges we need patience, perseverance, self-awareness being the key, without forgetting God  for He has the plans for us all.

It’s never too late as you can change for good in the shortest period of time.

You can’t build Rome just in one day

Let’s have a vision and mission to our future. These factors will help is to achieve and reach our dreams.

With time, I will share my experience with you to encourage all the youth especially the unemployed.

Your time will for God’s timing is the perfect one.

Thank you and wish you a happy new year.


You can make a difference this year

For God and my country


Executive Director Women for Green Economy Movement Uganda

Kampala Uganda



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