Balcony Podcast

Balcony Podcast

By Noel Lorenz

Founder of Noel Lorenz House of Fiction (NLHF)

A new year beckons a new start. As the calendar turned and 2022 welcomed us with love and joy, Noel Lorenz House of Fiction has come up with a new idea — the Balcony Podcast by the CEO himself, Noel Lorenz.

Why is this so special?

It has done away with the requirements of a home studio and noise reduction. For the first time you are going to hear Noel Lorenz live from his balcony with the original background sound that is present at the time of the recording.

Listen to International Poetry, Songs and Interviews by Noel Lorenz from the NLHF Headquarters in the City of Joy, Kolkata, India.

So, gear up and tune in to NLHF IYW International Radio at 3PM on Saturday, the 15th of January, 2022.

You can get the Spotify link of the channel by Google Search ‘NLHF IYW Radio’.

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