Banking on Characters

By: Thomas Bosire

Kenyan Banks halls are a Rendezvous of Sorts. Money like an inmate has everyone coming to see it like a covetous sought-after mistress. The Catch phrase “People from all walks of life” is put at play here. An old man who’s sold land with wobbly knees clutching his coat that has seemly seen better days, a school kid paying fee all Hopeful, A Mama from the Village accompanied by her Two Children to withdraw money sent through West Union by a son in the states, A middle aged guy sharply dressed in for eagerly waiting for a loan. In a typical Bank setting though, here are some of the Characters that you wouldn’t miss but to notice as you are in that never ending Queues thinking on how to a start a YouTube channel to show people how to make Lemonade out a Lemon.

  1. A brazen Guard 

You find him manning the Entrance. He is Wielding a metal detector like a magic wand ready to perform magic and has a grim facial expression. He has this cocky, arrogant attitude that rivals that of an Mpesa Lady. You approach him asking for some direction or you try not to the follow the Queue’s suit and the next thing you get are harsh metallic coated words. Some of the Guards are good natured though, they ooze kindness and would be willing to listen out your plea before blasting you off.

  1. The Braggart

He talks big, his utterances make you fidget in your seat. He is usually busy on his Sleek phone claiming to have bagged a Five Million contract and he will be off to Dubai next week. He goes on to say he is now at the bank withdrawing some serious cash to spend over at the weekend in a road trip to Naivasha. The bank staff highly Revere him and everyone one of them want to be associated with him.  You silently clap for him hoping soon it would be your turn but the way the Sun is shining unprovoked, you highly doubt.

  1. Ridden by Clumsiness and Urgency

They can’t seem to keep their calm. If Banks didn’t have ticket numbers, then their Haste would have had it. Over at the Queue, their giddiness and unsettlement can really piss you off. You’d think they’ve got more important stuff do than all of you Scarecrows. Another happenstance is that, you would be all seated waiting upon your turns and then the Teller will call upon a certain ticket number only for a person to Confidently walk up to the Teller and it’s not their number that has been called.

  1. The Social, chilling clique

You would be minding your business that has been suffering timely losses when someone taps you and just like you find yourself talking animatedly with this person as you analyzing the Current state of affairs and whether it will rain or not.

You will see her on the same spot for over two hours fiddling with her phone. You would wonder if she works at the bank only to find out that has, she has been waiting up on someone in town hence taking a breather in the Bank.

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