Bar owners plea to President

Members of the Kenya Bar,hotels and liquor traders association during a church service in Nakuru. Photo/ Ambole Okata
Jackson Ambole Okata 

The Association of bars, hotels and liquor traders in the country has appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to allow full resumption of business within the alcoholic and hotel industry even as he prepares to address the nation this week.

Speaking in Nakuru during a special church service for bar owners, hotel workers, alcohol manufacturers, and bar workers, the association said that it was time for the industry to be allowed back into business since almost all other sectors have been reopened.

The 54000 member association said that it has already formulated standard operating procedures as directed by the government ready for the resumption of business.

The Association’s National Secretary General Boniface Gachoka noted that their members were ready to observe all protocols that have been put in place by the government once they reopen.

” We were the worst hit industry during the COVID-19 pandemic and we were taken back to the drawing board and forced to devise new ways and skills to enable us better our business when we resume,” said Gachoka.

Gachoka called on President Kenyatta to follow up on the Ksh 2 billion he allocated to the tourism and hospitality sector under the economic stimulus package.

He observed that of released, the money will help most of their members back on their feet again.

He accused unnamed forces of trying to delay the release of the money.

It is feared that half of bar owners in the country might fail to make it back into business unless the government bails them out.

The association has at the same time warned it’s members against going against set guidelines even as the industry prepares for reopening.

Gachoka called on his members to take the remaining time to ensure that their premises comply with government requirements towards reopening.

The association has adopted the bar kumi initiative as one way of ensuring that it’s members adhere to set guidelines.

It has also scheduled trainings for its members targeted towards enhancing their capacity and knowledge on fighting the spread of COVID-19.


Photo Caption- Members of the Kenya Bar,hotels and liquor traders association during a church service in Nakuru. Photo/ Ambole Okata


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