Bright days

By: Harvester Chesaina

When my prayers grow longer. Let the blessings rain unceasingly, let the blessings grow in multiple. And the light, fill it in my darkest paths. In my darkest moments, let still the smile remain unchanged, so let the moments be nothing to steal it. And if green can’t constantly be green, let the roots of green never miss the drops. So, this laughter, fuel it with every second, with every story in each vowel. If the sound of it changes, if it’s rhythm changes, let it be because it can’t be contained. The nights might be long and scary, so dark let not a soul be dull, might be lonely and gothic, be the solace, the moon let the star’s brightness surpass what the night brings. And the clouds, command them to be welcoming, to be the shield, and the tunnels, fill the light and leadeth through the steps. This colour might change, the clouds may bring rains, the nights may bring pain, strengthen me in whatever I may aim, showcase your power may your name be hailed oh heed, I wanna flip the page.

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