Youths clubbing

By Nabungolo Brian

In the recent weeks, we have witnessed how campus relationships have turned sour leading to lovers killing each other.  Such stories justify how our society is fast drifting away from truth and honesty, with infidelity and shortcuts being the means to construct short-lived hearts of love between love birds.

A recent case is that of Laikipia university, where we saw a first year falling a victim of her roommate’s relationship turned sour. Campus life being an arena of looking for taste and preference, is making relationships none constructive anymore, but rather unhealthy. Money plays a key role in campus relationships, hence leading to increased cases of heartbreaks, emotional torture, physical and sexual abuse and in worst cases resulting into death or suicide. Our ladies have been the most affected gender in love turned sour affairs. Unfortunately, we haven’t gone beyond the feminism perspective and asked ourselves why.

In our institutions today, if you happen to walk around university streets and attempt seducing a campus lady, you immediately become an ATM dispensing machine, since she expects you to cater for her financial needs. Literally, our campus ladies have resorted to using relationships as investment opportunities. Relationships have rapidly changed into enterprises. This explains why a huge percentage of people dating campus girls aren’t students, but rather those in the working class.

With loyalty being questionable in campus, men who spend on ladies heavily do not take in excuses, and thus marking the start and the end of such relationships. With partners having a feeling of spending largely on ladies, impending frustration leads to cases of murder, suicide and other breakup related issues.

Most of our campus ladies do not accept living within their means. Peer pressure is center stage, to making campus ladies want to taste and mingle with financial stable partners so as to look fashionable and up their standards to match those of other ladies. Bragging of a Subaru driving partner, looks more than an achievement to them.

Having attained an age that one is free to make decisions, critical thinking and decision-making ought to be key to our campus youth. Ladies in campus should practice patience in their lives, learning to take small steps at a time. Parents should also be in constant contact with their daughters.

They shouldn’t make assumptions of everything being okay with their daughters in school. They should send their daughters upkeep money and through constant communication, monitor the lives of their children. No parent would ever wish to take back their son or daughter in a casket. Dear campus ladies, learn patience!



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