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By: Dolphine Munoko

University is another level of institution where each student wishes to undergo. Parents are usually happy when their children have been able to join University expecting that after four years, they shall help them.   Students themselves are happy when have been selected to a

particular university giving their parents promises on how they are going to work hard to achieve the very best which is very ironical to most of them at the moment they step at the university.

Here comes the reality; there are different sets of students in campus. There are those who shall just be swayed by other people become drunkards all the time. They normally smoke cigarettes, bang, miraa and normally be involved in alcohol   forgetting to attend lectures. Some students with these behaviors are also forced to engage in fight and theft hence being arrested and be booted out of the campus due to irresponsible behaviors.

There are also some girls who get married to sponsors, start their family hence not to continue with their education. Their parents just send them campus fees and accommodation fee at each semester not knowing their son or daughter have been married. When the time of graduation has reached most of the students are not on the graduation list because they didn’t attended classes or doing exams. This so painful to our parents

Some students whose main agenda was to work smart at the campus to achieve their very best they were normally successful since were not influenced by other people or driven by campus fashions. This set of students were engaged in Christian union activities making them not to be idle. These students always attend lectures sit for the cats and exams; they graduate making their parents proud.  This kind of students are the ones who accepted corrections, guidance and followed instructions given by both parents and lecturers concerning their studies.

Campus students’ needs to understand their background. Some of our parents are working harder to pay for our campus fees. We need to work hard to help our parents out of those hard hustles. We must avoid peer pressure and bad companies since it corrupts good moral.

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