Celebrity Corner: One on One With Poet Pius Owino

1.Who is Pius Owino?

I am Pius Owino. Joining two or more sentence to bring a meaning in form of rhyme. At the end this is what makes me to be whoever I am.

2.Why poetry?

Poetry is an inspirational art that has always kept me moving ever since my mum died. It has always console my soul and I feel satisfied when I write. Poetry is vibes that comes from my internal analogue. Yes it is a power ignited inside me that only writing can express. I love poetry. I do it both for fun and when in sorrow.I also write when I feel depressed. When I experience something new I write too.

3.For how long have you been in the industry?

I have been writing since primary. If I count well then it’s 7 years down the line.But started recently to share my work, since I was tired of hiding my talent. The first presentation I remember vividly is when I was in high school. I was presenting about the story of a only boy to my class and my class teacher with few parents about 2 to 3. To indicate the class I was in.

4. What do you bring to the industry that is unique?
Am unique myself. I write in different catalog that can be both educative and inspirational. Also my poems are educative. They talk of my life experience. My imagination is on another level that will always let people to wonder if really am suffering that much. Any one who reads my poems. Will always remain with one question to ask.’Is this really you?’

5. What message does your poetry have for the society?

My poem erodes vile behavior in our society. I write against brutality and misuse of economic resources of our country. I also write against child labour. And protection of poor orphans, as this has always been my journey. My poems are always against corruption. It’s also entertains, since some of my work purely gladdens those with sorrow to feel relief,this is after reading my poems.

6. What do you think should be done to raise the levels of poetry in the country high?

Many more opportunities should be clearly be channeled to all social media platforms. I had this talent but I never knew who to approach. So I just started on my own without necessarily knowing where I am going. So a lot of advertisement should be spread in television radios on how such opportunity are available and how to support growing talents. If I had this opportunity I could have taken it long ago since this is what I enjoy doing than anything else in my life.

7. Who are your role models (both local and international)?
I like Brandon Leaks poems. They always motivates me. This young man is from United States of America if I am not wrong. I saw him first in Britain Go Talent TV show. In Kenya I like teardrops vibes. They are marvelous. I can’t mention them all because the list is quit long.

8. Your inspirational message to young poets?

Keep trying. The button never gets old. The more you press the higher your chances increases in this world of poetry.

9. What do you want to achieve in the industry in the near future?

My greatest wish is my poem vibes to be listened to across the world. That has always been my dream which I am trying hard to archive. I will never let go until I see my fortunes in it.

10. What are the challenges affecting poetry industry?

Ignorance. A lot of people has really criticize my work even before reading. They ignore that poem is not a very best way to convey messages and that is where they go wrong. I learn through poetry. Get my challenges and experiences towards this type of art.

11. Your message to young people on their talents.

Never give up. When you feel like. Try harder because you’re almost at the top niche of your success. Success only become from internal. ‘I can do it’

12. Your family’ s take on your art, do they support you?

I have a sister. She really supports me. She is like the only light that aids me in writing while in darkness. She is an apple of my eye. I have close friends too who are really supporting what I am doing. Their motivation has never stopped me from writing. In need for every success there’s someone behind that’s always pushing .

13. Your general message to young people.

You can’t stop until it is over.It is only over when in graves. In whatever you’re doing please keep God first .

14. How do you balance poetry and your career?

I have no job currently. So am completely into poetry…I am a student at Moi University. Doing my degree in bachelor of human resource management.

15. Does poetry pay?
What do you need to do to get more money in poetry industry?

Yes poetry pays.I have no clear ways but one of the ways I know is my presentation of you art in YouTube. Also you can present them on blogs just the way I do them. For high payment, your content must reach a lot of audience. Traffic in other words.

16. Your message to your fans.

I really like you support guys. You have always been the best treasure to have in this industry of poetry.

17. What don’t we know about or what do people know about you which is not true?

That I do poetry for money. My art completely comes from my internal soul.I like writing with of without money, I will always write. The only problem is I need money to support my resources and how quality I produce my work to reach all my target audience.

18. Message to all the youths during these times of politics.

Politics is another level of game play. The person who plays their cards well takes it all. So youths should not be glued with some of their fake promises they can’t offer. Rather stay focused on their talents. At the end everyone will only remember what you did but not who you were.

19. Big up a few who have been inspiration and who have supported your journey.

Angela Madara-My sister
Lynn- she is my best friend that told me never to hide my talent
Melline Akinyi – supported me in anything I needed
Team Ajira-show me how I can put my talent to actually earn
Justus Odhiambo-my closest best friend
Velma Delight- my friend too that has always stand by me and motivated me that I can do it.

20. Your Social Media Handles.
Facebook (Meja Pius)
Twitter(. majorlazor@gmx.com)

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