Coastal Kenya

Diani Beach

The trade winds of the Indian Ocean brings forth the beauty that embowers the South Eastern part of Kenya. Beautiful stellar beaches. Wild waters of the Indian Ocean you can play in. A revitalizing sun for that beautiful tan. Come to Kenya and sample the seaside life and also save some time for a visit in the mainland Coast where the cultures of the Coastal communities vibrate.

Diani Beach

The whale shark, the world’s largest fish, is an elusive, highly migratory oceanic fish that occasionally ventures to a handful of coastlines, swimming with one is truly a memorable experience.

Whale shark satellite tagging expeditions take place on Kenya’s beautiful south coast in the months of February to April each year.

The Kenyan coast has in the recent past seen an increase in whale shark population and there is almost guaranteed sightings of these elusive giants.

Whale sharks are mostly seen on the surface hence divers and snorkelers can swim with this gentle, curious creature while watching the research teams go through the delicate tagging process.

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