Colleen Mapatwana

Colleen Mapatwana
Paula O.M.Otukile

Who are you?

Colleen Mapatwana

Where are you from?

Quimbu in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

What is your profession?

I am a Professional nurse, although I left nursing to be a full time Minister and a book writer. Am also a Director of Daughters of Integrity Publishers and Distributors (PTY)LTD.

Where did you publish it?

Self-published under Daughters of Integrity Publishers and Distributors.

Who is your Illustrator?

Mr. Xolisile Wellem

Did you make an input-on cover design?


You best poem from your book, tell us more about that poem!

It’s a Novel

Who motivated you to write?

Actually, it’s a calling for me, I never dreamt of becoming a writer but the Lord just dropped a Tittle in my heart in 2014 when I started with my first book, and the following titles after that.

What inspired you to write?

I could say I’m a feminist, I stand for women’s rights and I write to liberate women. In this Novel I was inspired by a story of another Christian woman who was cheated on by her spouse (a believer) and because they married in in community of property, she had to pay his debts.

Do you have fans, how do you react to fans?

😃 I would say I do have fans, people that live my writings and we communicate mostly on social media platforms and emails.

Bogus versus legitimate publishers, have you encountered such?

No, I have not.

Merging the books with community service, are you involved in any community service?

Yes, I am the secretary for our local writers group called Ikamva lababhali Writers Society. I was also a secretary for CCIFSA (an organisation that stands for Artists rights in South Africa) in Mbhashe municipality

 How did your faith help in marketing your craft?

Book marketing is not easy as many people are lazy to read books but I’m keeping my faith.

How many copies did you sell so far or how many do you plan to sell in near future?

I have sold about 80 paperback copies and planning to sell thousands online and in bookshops.

What are your future plans?

To assist aspiring writers in the rural Eastern Cape through my publishing company and have an online literary magazine to showcase their work.

Encouragement to up upcoming writers, what can you say?

Publishing is not easy whether by self-publishing or traditional publishing but with perseverance and persistence you can make it, keep your eyes on the ball and let your stories be told.

How can people get your book?

It is available on Amazon and Goodreads as an ebook and for a paperback copy, I can be contacted at or on Facebook as Colleen Mapatwana.

Do you plan to convert your book to an ebook too?

Already converted.

Parting shot or last word!

Thank you very much for this opportunity, it’s not every day that you get interviewed for your work.

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