By: Joseph Amadi Chore

Culture is a way of life. Being a way of life is attributed to the personality of an individual and makes them who they really are. Self-awareness emphasizes the significance of an individual to exist and is attributed to social views and practices.

Culture and personal identity relate closely and are dependent on each other. Identity construction is within the individual in relation to a particular historical background and organization.

Following the title “CULTURE INFLUENCE ON PERSONAL IDENTITY” the question is HOW and WHY culture influence identity. The vibrant Kenyan culture is ethnic and is also influenced by countries such as Tanzania and Uganda which are neighbouring it. Culture identity is marked by the influence from the family, region and religious aspects. For instance, am a Kenyan citizen by birth I have learnt and grown in Kenyan, and both of my parents are Kenyans.

Kenya -Tanzania is an ethnic minority whose culture is heterogeneous. You can find a child who has one parent being a Kenyan and another one being a Tanzania. Culture may influence that person in such a way that he/she will have to follow the father’s originality as their home country. For our case if the father is a Kenyan and the mother is a Tanzanian, he/she will automatically become a Kenyan despite being the fact that they stay in Tanzania. The child will be influenced by Kenyan culture and he/she will have to follow.

Another distinction is in the social activities undertaken by groups. This will majorly base on the initiation practices. This Kenya-Tanzanian child who is a Kenyan will have to undergo the initiation in a Kenyan way according to his tribe and cultural practices.

In personal perspective religious aspects social environment and distinct originality have had a strong effect on my identity. Being a Kenyan I have long cultural norms and also how to live with people. I have personally learnt how to use resources in a proper way in order to become a low-profile person. Parents also

plays an important role in guiding and teaching their children about culture. This act also enables the children to grow up respecting their culture and also become responsible future parents.

Culture may play different roles in each individual life, and also it is there to shape up and guide them. Each and every individual has their own beliefs and obey different rules in their society therefore culture varies in different perspectives.

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