Danaro Mike

Danaro Mike
By: Conrade Ongwesi

Name: Danaro Mike

Why poetry?

Because it’s the best way to channel emotions

When and did you venture into writing?


What drove or inspired you to take up writing?

It helped me overcome some of my grief during my worst times

If someone asked you to take poetry as a career what could be your answer and why?

Yes i would because I’d yearn to be a Poet Laureate

Which are some of your greatest pieces?

My own personal pieces

How do you view the society’s take on poetry/writing?

It’s not yet fully embraced

Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years?

As a recognised poet … Media personality

Role models:


Do your parents support your work?



Not everyone around me has the same liking to poetry as i do…

What do you think people don’t know about you?

That enjoys literature

We are facing several incidences from ou current society especially the youth and teenagers, what advice can you give?

We have to stay strong and embrace the positive culture we had before and point out all the atrocities and strive for a change

Social media handles:

Email address: michaeldanaro2001@gmail.com

Instagram: danaromike


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