By: Lucy Macharia



For the last 18yrs have lived without my dad and it has really been a painful life experience since that tragic death swiped him away.

Am raised in a rural area to be precise at Kiriaini town located in muranga county. Being born two, my elder sister and I and that made our family complete… Our mother has been our dad and mum too since she played all the responsibilities the two plays after this monster took dad away from us.

As it has been narrated to us, my father was to join our other family members at Nakuru for a family get-together and been the eldest in their family he was to present the entire Nderu`s family for they could have not been able to attend all of them due to financial constrains. Lol! That was his last time to be with us. After the meeting and on his way back home a terrible road accident occurred in a place called ´GODI` In Nakuru where he was swiped away to his painful death. His death was news to everyone here for no one believed knowing his remarkable closeness he had with them.

As my mum explained she thought that was her end been left behind with my elder sister who was 5yrs old and I who was 1yr old. She had no any source of income and the family members here were all against her where she could spend sleepless nights crying just because this cruel monster took her warrior away…

Later on when I was 15yrs old I got to know many of my agemates in our village and built friendships with them. I got involved with a friend by the name Paul. Being one of the best and closest neighbour we got more time to know and interact with each other. He could not speak much to ´others` but atleast I was closer to him and could air out his issues to me and our bond became stronger. He did his kcse at Kirogo boys high school and later joined Sagana technical college where he was pursuing diploma in automotive engineering… after the closure of schools last year due tö the covid 19 we had to come back to our localities and that created more time for us of been together. he could join his mother at their retail shop in kiriaini market and that was his place of hustle since he operated M-pesa services for his own. On Saturday evening as usual he could get back home at noon for laundry and his weekend could begin. That day he joined his friends who were motorcyclists and went to a nearby stadium for rides and passing out their leisure time. He took his brother`s motorbike accompanied by another and went out for rides.

Paul was not an expert of the same and on their way they fell into an accident leaving his back spine into pieces and his left hand and he died on the spot while his friend got mere injuries where he got treatments and was discharged from the hospital.


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