Vitalis Mukondiwa

Poet:  Vitalis Mukondiwa


Creeping out of his home, the muddy drainage

Leaping about, the three-legged scavenger,

Desperate to survive,

Efforts to appease empty a stomach

From this to another, but –

Empty bins!


Hurt and burnt his tummy,

To wander around

Goes and goes the canine street vagrant

From mother’s womb – vulnerable

Was kindled to whim



Like a gurgling river, violent Limpopo!

A host of furious released canine;

Who usually bark from their kennels

Ending their rage on gates closed

To prove their male hood started the ‘Billy chase’…

To a one who never had any affair

Nor the taste or test of a bitch…


Poor Billy,

Solo street guard

Tries to escape such a rage

Unluckily his last leap could not…

…off and across Mandibaya Close

Bang!..up he flew…

Plunging into his pool of black blood


Never did it stop the blue flying Hilux

It wooed away

Left to groan and moan the soul,

In untold agony whinnied Billy

Still battling to survive!


Billy wailed,

In a small voice

Lamenting his self, besides himself:

Who does?


In his last breath;

still they clinged of his lifeless throat

biting dorsal to nostril

Till his last it was pain.


So was his last seen

Right on the public scene, – is

The death of Billy!

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