Kibalama Rajab

By: Kibalama Rajab (Uganda)

Marriage was considered as the permanent legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife. But as years have been passing by, marriage has been perceived in the other way round. On a marriage ceremony, the couple signs a marriage certificate as a physical proof that they are married.

In the earlier years, misunderstandings and conflicts between married people were solved through calling upon elders to intervene in the matter. But nowadays, all that is no more, partners think that divorce is the only solution. But it’s totally wrong and evil.

Many beliefs have their own views on the issue of divorce, for example;

In the Western cultures, there are sayings that “since a marriage certificate can be burnt and torn, there is no spiritual confirmation of their marriage, so there is no reason why the certificate should not be broken”.

Christians have very strict views on the issue of divorce. Since marriage is considered a sacrament, they strongly believe that divorce is against God’s laws and therefore whoever practices it, must face God’s judgement.

Let’s go to the courts of law, what are their views on the issue of divorce?

Courts strongly believe in divorce as long as both parties agree to carry it on with vivid reasons, share their property and other sorts of conditions.

However, in my own opinion I don’t think divorce has any good yield. I suppose that In case the couple gets any misunderstandings, let them look for possible ways of solving them instead of going to courts for divorce.

I do suggest that in case of any misunderstandings, children must be the first priority for the couple to think of before divorce. A marriage must be kept intact, happy or not for the sake of children.

A child needs to have both its parents. Divorce creates hatred in a child towards its parents, a child will rise a number of questions in its heart over the wrong decisions made by parents. The child will only appreciate both your selfishness nothing more of that.

So dear parents, before you make such a decision, first think about us, think about our future, think about our lives after the divorce, think about what will happen to us, don’t only mind of your selfish desires.


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