Dr Joshua’s untold story

By: Jackson Ngari

A certain lady called Maureen who works as a teacher,got married to Chris with her infant.The man married her though he was not the biological father to their son Joshua.They lived happily and were blessed with three kids,Joshua being the eldest.He was a stellar student and was loved by his teachers,he was very bright and wanted to pursue his dream career of being a doctor.He did well in his exam and joined a medical school,he worked smart with a lot of determination and commitment,he excelled and got employed as a doctor at Moi teaching and referral hospital.Joshua grew up respecting and knowing Chris was his biological dad,until one day he visited their home without their knowledge.He stormed into the sitting room to rest,his siblings were out playing.Their dad came drunk and started quarreling and abusing them’academic dwarfs’ and asked them why they allowed a zombie who was not even related to them by blood.Chris’ words hit Joshua deep,he walked out crying and went looking for his mother.He found her in the field weeding maize.His mother was shocked to see him weeping as it was unusual.He asked where his real father was,his mum was lost of words and kept silent.Joshua walked from her and went to his grandma.He asked her to tell him who his dad was. Without hesitation her grandma told him that his dad was a policeman and they separated when he was young.She showed Joshua his real father’s home.He went and found his dad sitted under an umbrella tree.They stared for long and hugged,it was a strong feeling,they cried tears of joy.He knew finally the light has come,he would suffer no more.He built a bungalow and they lived happily together.’

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