Emotional Scars

Isolated scar on a white background, Vector illustration

I wish I could fly away with the wings of time and-

See the better tomorrow I always dreamt about.

I’m tired of living, I’m tired of loving I’m tired of breathing.

Living hurts more than dying.

Why do we love so much and get broken as much as we love?


Are you Okay without me?

I remember you said you’re nothing without me?..

Nothing?.. How does it feels like to be nothing?

I wish you knew that when the world sleeps I lay down broken

I loved you with all my heart and all it’s veins.


You said love needed trust

and I gave you all the trust.

You said love needed time

and I made sure you never missed me.

Wasn’t it all enough for you to stay?

You chose to break me

How could you break me like I had no feelings.


How dare you took my love for granted?

Were you ever real?

You faked love for me, you blinded me with your kisses

Spending my money was all you wanted.

Then break me into countless pieces.

I was a fool… I trusted the wrong person.


I wish I could close my eyes and close them forever.

I know someday when I’m gone you may forget about me,

forget who I am and who I was to you.

but even if you forget,

I want you to know that I will never forget a single thing about you-

and everything we went through till I breath back to dust.


Ashlyn Brena


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