Bettie Atemo

Entangled peace within is the reason I can’t season the whole reason,

Is it more than enough?

Is it more than tough?

Could there be the most soft rough?

I ask this but get no answer

I bet this is the best!

Entangled peace is breaking thee in pieces

PLEASE be kind enough to unravel the tough me!


It’s more safe when we were strangers

Now that I know thee…

I’m securely stabbed with self insecurity

The torment’s more now that I know thee

I feel chained with the locked truth

I can’t let go off the lies

And still can’t let in the horrible amicable truth

I feel harped with tunes of thee love!


Name: Bettie Atemo

Pen name: Artmore 😊

Facebook page: BAM CARES Artmore 😊

Email: atemob21@gmail.com

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