By: Cornelius Nyandieka

As the sun sets everyday the act of uplifting one gender and leaving the other has come out evidently. The boy child is lagging behind in the gender equality agenda. The families the government and majority of the NGOs are overfocusing on the girl child in terms of programmers to empower the girl child.

In Most of the counties the boy child has been excluded in the gender agenda due to persistent campaigns that focuses on the protection of the girl child. Leaders are just emphasizing education of the girl child only. Boys are now dropping out of school, but there is no follow up, unlike girls when they drop out of school follow-ups are made to ensure the girl child is back to school.

How many organizations do we have that are protecting the rights of a boy child? And if they are there, what have they done to ensure the boy child is protected. Boys are depressed they are dying at a younger age due to depression. We are swallowed by our culture, and we are pretending that boy are not suffering. The culture has abolished tears coming from male gender, and since they are not crying doesn’t mean that they are not suffering.

Boys have been left to be independent at younger age, unlike girls who are given the support throughout, since they are perceived to be weak. Am not saying Bodaboda is a bad job, but younger boys are doing it, and we don’t view it as a child abuse to our girl child who are younger and are house helps organization have come out and condemned this as a child Buse. And this is a proof that our society is unfair.

To this issue of male sexual abuse everyone absorbs the myth that males aren’t victims, to some extent. It’s central to masculine gender socialization, and boys pick up on it very early in life. This myth implies that a boy or man who has been sexually used or abused will never be a “real man.” Our society expects males to be able to protect themselves. Let’s leave out this myth that boy child is not going through this problem, action is supposed to be taken. Let’s us not cross eyes to this issue.

If we continue ignoring the challenges facing boys, we will soon be in a situation we were with girls several years ago. The situation that led to the emergence of the feminist movement to push for recognition and protection of the rights of girls and women.

As a country we must recognize that ensuring gender equality requires that policies and administrative action deal with challenges facing both sexes. To ignore one category of gender is not exacerbating the gender divide as opposed to promoting equity.

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