Exclusively with Malack Obara, the youngest Kisii gubernatorial 2022 candidate

Malack Obara
By: Peter Aowa

Hello and welcome to Mt Kenya Times.  Briefly tell us who Obara Malack is?

Obara Malack is a young enthusiastic leader aged 27years old and a Kenyan citizen. I am born to a single mother Kerubo Mogaka and a second born to a family of three.  Our firstborn is the late Dorothy Mogaka and our last born is Horace Mogaka. I am from Gusii region, Nyaribari Chache constituency, Kisii County.

I am a registered nursing officer currently working at Lifefirst Medical Centre Nairobi, Dagoretti South as MD. I am a hardworking, quick learner, outgoing personality with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, a visionary leader to past, present and future social economic pressures.

Kindly take us through your Academic Journey.

Malack Obara

I began my education at Boruma primary school in the year 1999. I later did my KCPE examination in the year 2007 and attained a B plain but due to financial challenges I did not enroll to high school but opted to repeat class 8. I enrolled in Amasago primary in the year 2008 from where I did my KCPE examination and attained a B plus which later enabled me to join St John’s Nyamagwa boy’s high school. I later in the year 2012 did my KCSE and scored a C+ plus.

In the year 2012 I did my computer packages and attained a credit pass. I then joined KMTC Siaya Campus in the year 2014 September up to 2018 when I graduated as a registered nursing officer.

Growing up, what are some of the challenges that distracted you from achieving your best dreams? How did you counter them?

Growing up in a single family set up saw me endure lack of adequate parental love from both parents like other families. This sometimes felt like the lowest and painful moments. This was a recipe for emotional torture from well-established families and relatives. We could not meet our basic needs.  My mother had also stopped working at Christamarriane hospital as a clerical officer which became a dark moment in our lives.

Fortunately, we had a God-fearing grandfather who took us up and made sure we grew up in a family set up. He gave us moral, physical, psychological, financial as well as spiritual support. He gave us guidance that resulted into restoration of hope and a new focus in relation to our future lives.

What is the most powerful leadership Quote that stands out for you?

The most powerful leadership quote for me is by Helen Keller which says, alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

How would you describe your Journey to Leadership?

For me leadership is an action not a position. A great leader is one who means well for his people. I first came into leadership when I was elected as a disciplinary prefect back in class 6 in the year 2005. It is a position I held until standard 8.  I was also appointed as a school choir soloist and a poetic orator and through this I led our school into the national levels during music festivals in Kisumu and Nakuru counties. During our performances we earned a lot of awards in various categories.

At Namagwa boys’ high school I was elected student representative while in form 2, a position that helped me to instill high standards of discipline and hygiene at our school.  In Campus I was also appointed by our tutor as a student representative for the four years I was there.

In 2016 while in campus I was among the key influencers since I campaigned for the little-known student in the campus until he won the elections free and fair with a big margin. I am confident in my leadership skills and I believe I was born a leader and the right time is here.

You are running for Kisii gubernatorial race and probably one of the youngest going for such positions, what makes you optimistic about this?

I believe I will offer the best leadership to counter the many challenges faced by people in Kisii county and Kenya in general. I believe serving my people with excellence will in turn mean my generation can lead with excellence and age should never be a factor in leadership but how well you serve your people.

I know I will protect the future by living and fulfilling my God-given dreams of serving my people. Our social, economic challenges can only be solved through holistic participatory and integral processes thus enhanced decision-making.

Youths have been in many cases ‘used by politicians’ later to be dumped once they get to the positions they are vying for. What do you think leads to this?

The biggest challenges to us youths are unemployment, poverty, lack of proper education and training hence we are easy target for the politicians who take you for granted in order to achieve their political mileage and later dump us.

Due to this, our politicians make empty promises that leave us wallowing in abject poverty without proper formulations of policies that can create an enabling environment for jobs and businesses.

If Malack Obara is in full control of Kisii county government, what will be your three properties?

As a governor, my key responsibilities will be to provide people oriented and centered leadership, development and accountability. This will facilitate proper service delivery of my mandate to my people without prejudice.

Do you think youths have been underrepresented in the current leadership dispensation?

Youths have been marginalized for the longest time in history. Major government appointments are given to older generation who have already retired. Youths are denied opportunities in active organizational positions due to unfair experience requirements. Youths are not involved in policy formulations as the constitutions requires.

It is now high time that we as youths stand out and voice our issues and be part of every decision-making.

According to a report from one of those who ran for Governorship in the previous elections, one needs at least Ksh. 100 Millions to run the campaign. What’s your take on this?

Leaders become great not because of their financial muscle and social influence but because of their ability to empower others hence their leadership can’t be bought.

I believe my actions can inspire people to rise against tokenism that has rendered to us huge corruption.

In your Own words, please tell us what you understand about all-inclusive leadership.

Inclusive leadership is one where leaders are much aware of their own biases and preferences, actively seek out and consider different views and perspectives to inform better decision-making. Here, leaders see diverse talent as a source of competitive advantage and inspire diverse people to drive organizational and individual performance towards a shared vision.

Your parting message to the youths aspiring to be leaders.

The youths are the hope of the future and we will only get there if we organize, mobilize and strategize. Looking forward to working with everybody.  It is my humble plea to request for your support in this journey.

Thank you very much.

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