Falling in love by Poonam Srivastava

Poonam Srivastava

By Noel Lorenz

Founder of Noel Lorenz House of Fiction (NLHF)

Falling in love is not so difficult but staying in love is tough

O, my sweetheart, there is a person inside me who is deeply in love

I want to be there with you at every step to help you face your fears

and to help you overcome your failures.

I want to give you kindness and love

And together fly higher than the dove.

I know the time will come when I can finally tell you

Three magical words, “I love you.”

And then you will be the queen in the kingdom of my heart

And I will be the king of the world where even death cannot do us apart

Come be my majesty; I will serve you forever.

I will never leave you for eternity, and we will stay together.


Copyright 2022 by Poonam Srivastava. All Rights Reserved.

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