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By: Purity Kadzo Elisha

The KUCCPS Board recently allocated the 2021 group to various universities. The yet to join campus students are eagerly waiting to join the so-called “heaven” in the name of a university

Many people are taking this opportunity to create false assumptions about how life in the University is. Since these students have no experience whatsoever regarding campus life, they tend to believe everything they hear about. When asked to describe how life in campus is, most people say it is fun, no reading apart from the last two weeks to exams.

Reality hits these students when they truly join their respective universities. Life becomes a contrary of what they were told by their peers. They find out that there is a lot of reading done. One has to be committed and be time conscious since one has to attend classes, go to the library and research on assignment given. As if that is not enough one has to create time for group work.

Apart from the academic sturgeon’s social life becomes difficult too. They meet new people and are introduced to doing new things which they have never tried, some end up to being prostitutes, some drop at of school without parents knowing and some are even married without their parents’ concept. Since there are no parents and teachers to supervise them like in high school, these people become victims of peer pressure.

Little do people know that campus students also struggle with hunger. To the public eyes these students are portrayed to have money. You will find many students saying” comrade Ni meal moja tu a day, zaidi ya hapo Ni show off”. These students do these so to save the little money they have.

It is high time that students expecting to join universities are told the truth about campus life so as to prepare them psychologically on what to expect in campus. They should be told that in university one has to work extra hard to attain the best degree. The same way one used to wake up early in the morning to attend a class in high school is the same way one is expected to wake up early to attend a class at 7 or even 6 in the morning.

The freshers should also be told to learn methods of using their money wisely. And advised to use their freedom well since no one is watching them from home but there are always consequences in everything.

False assumptions about university life should stop and the reality revealed.


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