Guidelines for Editorial and Commercial Purposes

Commitment to honesty and integrity

As a respected and trusted media brand, the Mt. Kenya Times is committed to offering journalism of the highest quality. Guided by integrity, the Mt. Kenya Times makes obligations to the viewers and readers, including the wider public, as well as our partners, advertisers, suppliers and other interested parties. The Mt. Kenya Times considers its values as the most vital asset. Along with the brand name, the maintenance of desirable values hinges on our commitment to the core journalistic values. The Mt. Kenya Times pledges accuracy, impartiality and fearless when reporting within the realm of public domain.

The Mt. Kenya Times ability to offer high quality journalism plays a huge part on our commercial success. Given the changing dynamics and trends in a fast-changing media world, The Mt. Kenya Times understands the need for innovation to achieve success. However, such innovation is founded on editorial independence as the supreme tool for to the attainment of integrity of all our services and products.

The Mt. Kenya Times stresses that these guiding principles underline the standards of good practice. Henceforth, The Mt. Kenya Times expects these principles to be observed by its employees, contractors, partners and freelancers who offer services to the Corporation.

The Mt. Kenya Times expects that its staff must be familiar with the set out regulations while at the same time observing all the relevant industrial values and codes. The Company takes note and strictly adheres to the policies of publishing and editorial purposes. Based on such, The Mt. Kenya Times thwarts and discourages any form of publishing information that is erroneous, distorted or misleading.

The Mt. Kenya Times, and as guided by the various industrial rules as regards advertising, has laid down competent rules for advertisers, agencies and other interested media partners to follow. In this case, The Mt. Kenya Times stresses that advertising on its platforms, whether print, audio or visual, must be responsible, devoid of misinformation, harmless and non-offending to the general audience. Also, The Mt. Kenya Times has adhered to the principles of best practice with an aim to promote continued growth in innovative areas of advertising. Furthermore, any commercially paid adverts or content beyond customary advertisements should be clearly and properly marked in accordance with the protocols of advertising.

A clear dissimilarity between editorial and commercial activities

The Mt. Kenya Times understands that it is essential that the editorial staff commits and contributes to the commercial success of the business venture. Nevertheless, and as guided by the various rules and guidelines, The Mt. Kenya Times understands that editorial independence must constantly be maintained. In this case, The Mt. Kenya Times strictly points out that the editorial staff should not be influenced by the commercial staff when reporting. In this case, the editorial staff ought not to influence any editorial story with regard to any advertiser’s or prospective advertiser’s interest. The Mt. Kenya Times points out that the final decision on all editorial content should be given by the Editor. The Editor’s decision on the use of editorial placements in relation to a campaign shall be final.

The Mt. Kenya Times Code of Transparency

The Mt. Kenya Times stresses that it is perfectly appropriate for correspondents, reporters and journalists to write content that is paid for commercially. However, The Mt. Kenya Times points out that such content should always be clearly marked as such. Based on such, and while undertaking such tasks, correspondents, reporters and journalists should not compromise their writing ability. Such a stipulation for our journalists and writers is intended for our audiences’ in an objective, fair and honest manner.

In case any company has offered any noteworthy free products or services to help with editorial services, such products and services must be appropriately noted.

The use of The Mt. Kenya Times social media platforms to market and advertise a company’s product or services must be clearly marked as commercial content. Also, it must align and adhere to the rules, guidelines and protocols of advertising.

The Mt. Kenya Times staff who have personal social media accounts ought to always follow the codes and regulations stipulated by the company when promoting a commercial campaign, product or service.
Payments as regards creation of commercial content
All payments to The Mt. Kenya Times staff and contributors for the creation of commercial content must be approved by their line manager in advance in writing. Commercially funded positions in editorial are permitted but hires must be made by editorial and such staff must work to editorial contracts and in line with editorial standards.