Ochago George William

By: Ochago George William

I have lived in several communities of varying cultures. I have seen and heard drama and poetry concerning day today life. Both men and women have a hidden story to talk about.

Today am talking about men and how they suffer with desires to love women.

Many men suffer from mental, physical and economical effects on a verge to close a relationship.

According to my own survey, 90% of men globally search for new relationships. This is because of the urge to ‘quench a thirst’, to others it is a hobby.

Rationally the global number of women to me is a surplus.

It is noted that most men have more of admiration in silence. They lock the feeling in them and end up staring at women. They(men) suffer from the climax of ‘silent pandemic’.

This week I got engaged in a conversation with three mature and married men and I asked them from their experience, how men suffer.

One of the men said, “Being a man calls for perseverance, if you fail to be fragile or versatile then you are doomed”.

The second on his view was like, “A man can go hungry and spends on a harlot who ‘services’ him once.”

He added, “One can leave his bedroom at night just to fulfil an appointment at midnight with a girlfriend in another ward of the city”.

Now just imagine that, imagine, a snake bite, car knock or dog chase from one’s fence. Imagine a man climbing a perimeter wall that has blades designed to bar property thieves, but girl privacy thieves manage to sneak and gets out stinking.

Isn’t that suffering anyway.

On the other hand, the third respondents talked about dating and failing.

He said, “Huh, I know you understand these things George, I have witnessed men date and those crushing on girls for over three years. A man can spend or invest in a crush at the end he is never loved to find out, he is bankrupt”.

That reminded me of a certain old family friend who got faded-up double-main. He tried dating a woman who never loved him and she will never love him.

This is because he tried telling her all the sweet prestigious things that the world holds but she never conformed.

He, took all his anger to the drug shop, bought anti-biotics to help him with the ulcer, in agony the latter died of suicidal medication. He escaped from the all the pain of loving and not being loved back.

Otherwise, the suffering in men is never called for, it is natural to love and hate. I always talk to my peers on the quote;

“Humans have no interim heart and brains, they always try to do what they think is right”.

So, no matter how you love or how you want to be loved. The heart will never be contented just allow to suffer or stay a monk.

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