When I was a child, the easiest way to make me believe you is by saying, I promise

A promise, that could ring my mind till you deliver

I was lucky, mine parents rarely disappointed

And if they did, they could make it up to me

And somewhere in the transitioning to adulthood

I adapted the phrase, I promise

I never really thought of the much expectations I put in someone

Afterall, are they not disappointed enough by our ‘person’

I hate comparisons but still.. I’m a better deliverer than our representatives are

Ooh, sorry.. May be its because my responsibilities are minimal

May be, just may be, in their position, I’d promise a lot and deliver a loss

On delivery, I promised my parents to name them soon

But papa, mama, I’m not a good promise keeper

Have that in mind

~ GathoniWamwondwe ~

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