Is it genuine or business?

By: Otieno Mackovan Ochieng

Day in day out, you will find people begging in the streets. This is a common case narrowed to most of the major towns in Kenya, whereas per people’s opinion, has it that some are genuinely begging for help as others are in business. This comes in from few interviews with some of the Narok residents where majority say that the beggers are out for business where there are some individuals who give them such contracts and pay them on returns.

This is a different case to some of the residents whom from their inner perspective, said that the beggers are genuinely begging for any kind of help. This is because no one can go out on the streets to pretend in the sake of begging. Adding much more, they say that no individual can be sitting in the scorching sun and in the faces of hundreds of people who pass by the town.

This brings dilemma to those people who could give a hand to such people. People’s contemplation if the begging is genuine or a business issue is not yet to settle.



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