By Tecla Omwenga

In some part of Kisii community, witchcraft has become rampant that the people occupying those places are not at peace. Not only in the Kisii community does witchcraft exist but I believe it’s almost all Kenyan communities. However, I’ve never had any other communities setting any witch found in flames. Its only in the Kisii community that they set those who are suspected to be witches are thrown into fire.

At the beginning of this month, an old woman was caught practicing her witchcraft in some part of the Kisii community. Immediately she was discovered no one dared to spare her but all they did was burning her alive just because she practices witchcraft. Not only this time but several cases have happened before.

Although witchcraft is something despicable in a community, it’s not right burning someone alive. At times others are only suspect and they are not given a single time to explain themselves either. They are burnt mercilessly to death.

People are afraid of witchcraft but that is no difference from other crimes committed in Kenya. Instead of going against somebody’s rights, they should report to the government authorities just like any other crime for judgment by the court. There is no law in Kenya which states that anyone found practicing witchcraft should be set on fire because everyone understands every crime committed has to be reported to the government. Even those involved in setting others in fire have committed more crimes than those witches but they take the initiative of judging others forgetting that they are the victims of sins.

No one is perfect in this world because everyone has his or her own sins. Therefore, it’s not right for citizens to take the initiative of punishing criminals especially witches and thieves. The government should consider that as a violation of rights especially right to life. It was painful seeing an old woman too old to walk straight set in flames just because villagers found her practicing witchcraft.

If other crimes must be taken to court, why is it that witchcraft is not included. Is it right for the citizens to punish them without the law included?

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