Issues that cause fights in marriages

By: Evangelist Thokozani Ndinisa
  • Not satisfying your spouse’ sexual and physical needs
  • Abuse and violence
  • Lack of respect
  • Being too controlling over your spouse
  • Lack of money
  • Allowing a third-party to be involved in your marriage affairs
  • Not being open with each other
  • Having secrets that your spouse doesn’t know about
  • Failing to meet basic needs
  • Forgetting your anniversary and the birthday of your spouse
  • To spend more time with your friends than with your spouse
  • Cheating issues
  • Not willing to listen to your spouse whenever he or she speaks out
  • Failing to take the advice of your spouse yet implementing that of outsiders
  • Doing things alone whilst you are married
  • Partying wildly whenever you go out
  • Sowing seeds outside your marriage life
  • Falling pregnant with another man’s child outside your marriage
  • To have bad addictions that will eventually ruin your marriage
  • To intentionally start fights in your marriage
  • To have secret bank accounts
  • To misuse money in the marriage
  • To value other people more than your spouse
  • Abusing your step child/children
  • To hide your other children from a previous relationship

Why should you fight your own spouse? You must always remember that you and your spouse are one and the same thing? Thus, you must avoid fighting your own spouse at all cost. This is because when you become one in marriage you now represent a whole unit.

When you are one in marriage, fighting your spouse will be equivalent to hurting yourself since you are cut from the same cloth. You all should strive to have a happy marriage where unnecessary fights do not take place. Instead, your marriage should proffer you a sense of safety, feeling unconditionally loved and wanted at all times. In addition, as a power couple you should both mentor and teach each other good things as you move in the right path.

It is a well-known fact that marriages that have a lot of fights end up in nasty divorce cases. To make matters worse, other couples end up killing each other. It is better to lose a fight in a marriage than to lose your lovely spouse over silly arguments that you have the power to prevent if you so wish it.

Work hard as a married couple to overcome fights. In fact, work towards a common goal of nurturing your relationship to be a fulfilling one. However, on the other hand it is healthy to fight now and then in a marriage but do not make it a habit of doing so daily. Henceforth, love your spouse and if you can avoid it, please stop the daily fights.

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