Not once or twice I’ve stood on the mirror

To confirm whether God really made such a huge mistake when creating me

Was I an error? A bad produce that escaped inspection?

Your comment keeps ringing in my mind

It’s shameful to admit it has costed me sleepless nights too

Probably the reason I made the moon my friend

And darkness my home

Solitude, a place I visit often

Standing with others makes me inferior

Standing among them, I feel an outspoken mess

My self esteem is buried, no matter how I try to put my head above the ground

Let me not speak of self awareness for I no longer know who I am

This side is one I’m not familiar with

I thought I was a star

Now I’m stirred, shaken, I no longer know my stand

I thought I was the light

And now, nocturnals embrace me as their own

Because you clicked the send button,

I’m drowning in depression

Wouldn’t you keep it to yourself? It was an option too

Or if you had to talk, gossip it with your friends

If they were corrections, wouldn’t you do better?

Think and think deeply before clicking the send button

~ Gathoni Wamwondwe ~

Next Thursday, May 21, 2020 Mt. Kenya Times

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