By: Albert ouma

Being in a happy relationship is all what always many young men always dreams of, a relationship where there is mutual love, benefit and that kind of relationship which leads to a happy marriage which will last forever and due to all these, many youths tends to get involved in different relationships many starts engaging in relationship at campus level and some even starts it at high school level and surely many have gone successful and even some have ended up into a that dream marriages but this not the current situation in our country Kenya according to the kind of news we have been seeing on our headlines nowadays.

There have been lots of headlines on issues where we find many relationships are affected in one way or the other and some even leads to death like the recent one where Agnes Tirop one of our athlete was killed by a man who is said to be her former boyfriend on deeper understanding the reason for most of all these deaths it’s clearly evidence that the Genesis of them is lack of good communication  between the partners in the relationship communication is a vital thing in our daily lives there is a need for us to develop that habit of good communication in our relationship in order to help us solve issues that always leads to breakups and even some leads to death, it’s high time we should always find better ways to solve disagreements in our relationship and if we can’t make it better we involve the third party to help us so as we end this constant killings

Killing your partner is not the solution to problems in our relationships it’s high time we do what is right to end this death headlines all the time we are watching news let’s learn to communicate to solve disagreements in our relationships.


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