By: Phoebe W. Mwangi

The rate at which lovers are murdering their partners and committing suicide is high and It’s so saddening. In the last few months cases have been increasing, and its high time we take about it. Some of the reason to this bizarre act is if the partner cheated, disagreements between the two, frustrations maybe in marriage or the relationship.

Love brings about a strong bond and attachments between the lovers and this attachment. This makes them feel like they can’t leave without each other.

When they are offended by their partners especially in the case of cheating, they feel like they can’t take it and the anger leads to action that is serious offence like killing the fellow. the killers most of the time take their lives too leaving trauma to their close families and friends. The ones who do not commit suicide are charged of murder and are sentenced to imprisonment for several years.

Lovers should solve their disagreements amicably and communicate often about their frustrations Communication here is key.

We also have relationship and marriage counsellors who will gladly and surely help on matters relationship and this is said to be one of the best solutions.




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