By: Doris Waweru

The awaited day is finally here with us. It’s a fine day, 20th/10/2021. A Day we celebrate our heroes, who gave out their humanity and dignity for us. They faced the white man bravely, they shed their blood for our land. Oooooh, what an amazing patriotism they had for our country. Their main aim was to ensure that what belongs to us will not be taken from us, our lands, our culture and the beauty of our country.

My question is, has their aim been achieved, have they gotten the compensation they wanted and for those who are late, and may their souls continue resting in peace, are their souls in peace really?

How many aged parents are in the villages with marks, others still have the bullets inside their bodies that remind them of what they went through, poor shelters, no food, in poor health condition   yet they are among the heroes who fought for the independence that we are enjoying now.

A day like today, their ears are always alert, ready to hear any promising statement that will be given to them, but owe unto them since words will be said but as usual plain words with no actions. Every day is a reminder that compensation will be given, some dies still waiting for it, but the question is, for how long will they keep on waiting? Till when will they leave in agony of what they went through? Yet we are proudly celebrating the “heroes” of our country indeed.

It is time that we do away with the pretense of fake promises to our people, let them be given what they deserve, let justice be done to them , let them feel that they are heroes not only by words but by actions, let them be recognized, for once let them be made proud of their efforts  but not regrets of their efforts.

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