By: Brian Simiyu Nabungolo

With the current technology, rapid radical change in the way of life among youths in the universities is greatly revolving on how they absorb and how technology technically affects their lives. The way they have embraced and succumbed to Western life is slowly killing our traditional way of life.

Mass culture among campus students should be an alarming, despite being nurtured in our own traditional life since childhood under the watch of the society, one, two or three months of campus life have radically masterminded the change of culture because of campus culture.  A new culture without watchdogs’ parents and relatives.

Campus culture, a negative and silent revolutionist of young innocent youths after joining campus, is slowly snatching the society and families’ stars that would have probably be taking our society in other level from poverty. One month is enough to change that church going youth since childhood to a full party after party youth in campus.

A walk-in street near universities and colleges could be a true justification of how mass culture has taken our youths. Streets full of girls with crop tops walking half naked, boys walking with alcoholic drinks in their hands as if they are sanitizers against Covid-19 and streets full of skirmish shortcuts to deals with abortions and other vices just to embody themselves ‘cool’ lifestyle of west.

Youths have not only used western culture and products as a reflective tool to critique formations and values ensconced within its culture but also have rebranded themselves as western people, yet they are our own. Mass culture takeover should not be taken lightly by the society. It is a killer of our own societal norms, and without hesitation it’s slowly killing our norms.

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