Meet a young promising Twongirwe Ireen an accountant, and Women right activist

Twongirwe Ireen, professional accountant, and Executive director Women for Green Economy Movement Uganda

Briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Twongirwe Ireen, professional accountant, and Executive director Women for Green Economy Movement Uganda, passionate in advocating for women and girls empowerment and environmentalist.

How have you impacted the world through your career?

My career has impacted the world so much so that through my writings people have read, been touched both psychologically, emotionally, socially, economically and environmentally.

Women and youth have known their human rights and defend them as well, women have known their roles in mitigating the climate change impacts through use of clean energy for cooking for example solar energy, briquettes, biomass, k-gas among others. This has led to reduction of deforestation in Uganda hence promoting a green economy. More so, many youths have been motivated by writings and have also started writing the same.

What are your major achievements so far?

Youths have been motivated by writings and have also started writing the same and this an achievement, through my work I have managed to engage and interacted with different people and this has increased my confidence.

Any challenges encountered?

As of start there are lots of challenges like lack of finance which has limited me to implement my activities to benefit my beneficiaries.  And to the group I work with many of them don’t know what I am aiming at, and I do basically because I do things that benefit the community most and so this becomes a challenge since ask me where they benefit from. Lastly Covid-19 is also a challenge since we cannot gather in groups, yet my work needs physical engagements.

Who are your major beneficiaries, clients, target group?

My target groups are; Donors, expertise, and my beneficiaries, clients include; University students, vulnerable women and men especially in rural areas, un employed youth among others.

New lessons learnt during your career progression?

Every day I learn new lessons for example how to be patient because this career is a long-term investment, with or without money you can still do work and change the community.

Who inspired you?

My uncle inspired me a lot in the first lock down in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. He was the one who bought me a laptop, and he always wanted me to make use of it. In the same, I started my writing and share my products with the media house to be published. Then, when I finished campus during lock down, I thought of an idea to start my own organization “Women for Green Economy Movement Uganda WoGEM UGANDA”

What motivates you?

Lack of employment inspired me to start my own hustle, More to that, high level of poverty, gender inequalities and domestic violence in families, climate change impacts that highly affected women and youth also motivated me to be an advocate for women to end these challenges.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself as a very big woman, influential to the world, and in position to help vulnerable women, girls, youth and elderly.  In 10years to come I will be employing other young people like me to reduce on the level of unemployment in the world and transforming Uganda from a peasant country to competitive society.

How are you giving back to the world?

Actually, the work I do is for helping communities especially the voice less, vulnerable among others. This can be done through advocacy hence creating public awareness. Amidst this pandemic I have managed to sensitize communities on how to conserve and protect the environment from climate change impacts like prolonged drought, food insecurities among others. This can be done through use of clean energy.

What more can be done to make other Global citizens more productive?

Women and Youth especially need to be creative to survive in this world because there are no jobs and so they have to create their own jobs. Let them be innovative and develop the skills and talents there are hiding.

Who are other key players in your industry? (Competitors)

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), Civil Society Organization (CSOs), Community Based Organizations( CBOs) , Private limited companies, among others.

Who are your major partners, and how do you form your synergies?

My major partners are other Civil society organization, Community Based organizations, companies among others.  I form my synergies by joining hands through helping them in implementing activities in different areas and through writings since we do more of advocacy work.

What is your advice to other career men or women?

I advise my career women and women to just be patient in life, to work focusing on helping the community first than yourself. And to put God first in everything you do because with Him everything is possible.

How can people reach you (contacts)?

You can reach on my phone numbers, +256772504678/+256750407543

On organizational email.

Our social media twitter handle, @wogemuganda/ @twongirwe-ireen

Last words (anything you wish to tell the world)

To my fellow youth I encourage you to be job creators not jobseekers in this it will help to develop your skills and talents. I also tell them that everything you think of is possible as long as you don’t give up on your dreams. Lastly put God first, pray, believe, hope and trust God’s timing.



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