One on one with Egerton University finest model – cum – voice over artist Valentine Zalon

Valentine Zablon
By: Peter Aowa

Hello Valentine and welcome to The Mt. Kenya Times.

 Hello too and many thanks for hosting me.

Briefly tell us who you are.

My beautiful name is Valentine Zablon.

I am a communication and media practitioner, a voice over artist (VOA), mental health enthusiast, fashion model and a good lover.

I am all about positive energy. I am easy to let go when it comes to bad energy around me.

Valentine Zablon

A resilient person   albeit the hurdles.

I try before I let go.

Resilience has always been my life mantra

What is your academic journey?

My academic journey has had its ups and downs.

Right from joining boarding school at a very early age (9yrs) in standard four to joining the one of the best girls’ high schools (BUTERE GIRLS) and now in Egerton university where I have explored a lot when it comes to social life

Any two major challenges you faced during your schooling?

Valentine Zablon

In high school it was an issue of fitting in because I had not mastered the art of self-realization. In University, it has been an issue of hustling and classwork while taking a stand on what exactly I want to settle on in my career because it’s a huge field.

How did you approach them?

With time, guidance and counselling helped back in high school while in university, life shapes you so that you naturally know how to deal with everything.

When did you start building interest in modelling?

I built interest in modelling back in high school during cultural days and I promised myself to participate in one. The actual day came to pass in 2019 October where I won miss Egerton culture 2nd runner up 

Who was the first person you shared with and what was their take?

My friends and they were all in agreement as they said my body was fit for it

What are the challenges you’re facing currently as a model?

Valentine Zablon

Challenges as a model are lack of equal chances as the Kenyan industry is not vast enough to accommodate everyone.

In some cases, you “must know someone” to be given the job.

How do you balance studies and modelling?

Knowing when it’s class time because for me, education had really played major role in my life that it comes first and then creating time for what I love too(modelling)

Given a chance to choose between broadcasting and modelling, what would be your preference?

I love both and honestly, I am a flexible person when it comes to my likes.

What makes you optimistic about the future of your career?

It is a vast field and something we can’t live without as the universe; I believe am unique and that alone and cheer me on and along

What do you think of the growing number of those getting into modelling? Is it healthy for the industry?

Valentine Zablon

It is great to see people doing what they love and making use of their talents.

And yes, it is healthy because all people are different and the more unique people we have the better as we get to see the different angles fashion can take and can be explored from

This sounds like a stereotype but it’s one question everyone yearns to ask. A good percentage of people have really a bad worldview of what models are, what do you make of this?

Everybody has   their own say about something, modelling is not an exception.

Modelling is all about letting your body speak without uttering a word from your mouth.

Who is this person who has always been your role model in modelling?

Campbell is always the person to look out for when it comes to runway modelling because of the manner in which she proudly represents the black people

Your piece of advice to those planning to venture into modelling?

Talent is an important aspect of our life and immediately you realize yours, maximize it.

Modelling is a great field and anyone who wishes to join should be keen on not losing dignity and Self-respect.

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