Passion driven model Hannah Wanjiku’s career journey

Hannah Wanjiku
By: Peter Aowa

Good afternoon, Hannah and welcome to The Mt. Kenya Times.

Good afternoon too and much thanks sir for having me here.

Who is Hannah?

Hannah is a daughter of Joseph Ndichu and Naomi Ndichu, a passionate model and a form four Student at St Francis Misyani girls high School.

 What is your academic journey?

Hannah Wanjiku

My academic journey has been excellent by the grace of God it feels good to be in High School

Any two major challenges you faced during your schooling?

The main challenges I face are sometimes lack of school fees and not having sufficient items that are required to be used in school

How have you approached them?

My parents have managed to get bursaries     that supports in fees. My parents strive to provide from their small business. I equally use what I have economically while am in school

When did you start building interest in modelling?

I started building my interest in modelling when I was 12 years having watched a number of modelling shows.

Who was the first person you shared with and what was their take?

The first person I shared with was my mother. She took it very seriously and supported by facilitating my admission to a training center to seek for more skills.

Hannah Wanjiku

What are the challenges you’re facing currently as an upcoming model?

The main challenge is covid – 19. It has limited me from modelling since gigs are not much.  School on the other hand has become very demanding considering the time lost during the long break

What makes you optimistic about the future of your career?

Life has been tough and rough. There are a number of challenges in this industry and my perseverance, hardwork and consistency is what makes me see a better me in future.

Who is this person who has always been your role model in modelling?

My first role models are Victoria Wambui and Faith Wambui. They have been motivating me to move on and hope for more. Another model I admire is Regina Ndichu who happens to be my sister. she has proven to every girl that world should not change my beauty.  You’re beautiful the way you are.

How do you balance modelling and studies?

Hannah Wanjiku

I am good in both of them. I have made a time table that I strictly follow. If it’s time for modelling, that’s exactly what I do and so is studies.

Where do you see this yourself in ten years?

I see myself a shining star that will light the world  of modelling. I will be great being in a position to help my society

The most outstanding motivational quote for you?

Dreams are valid with God. It’s you who makes them invalid

Five people you cherish most and why?

  My parents, my younger sister Elizabeth Ndichu, Regina Ndichu, my niece Grace Njoki and my coaches’ reason due to their effort they have made me who I am today I love them unconditional may God bless them

Your piece of advice to those planning to venture into modeling?

Work on it. Pray without ceasing and be patient in every step be original and love who you are

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