Politician should know Kenyans are now Aware

By: Festus Andayi

I am Festus Andayi from Maasai Mara University and this is my opinion that I’d wish to be published.

As the 2022 general election is drawing closer, it is obvious and a routine that the politicians are now crawling from their “golden holes” trying to fit the standards of living of the common mwananchi. We have already seen posts these politicians lowering themselves to the lifestyle of unfortunately the unfortunate citizens forgetting that they promised a better life than that once in office.

However, as they took these positions years ago, nothing happened but all they wanted was to come back seeking fresh terms by bonding with the poor in the name of “fellow hustlers.”

This is a season that we have seen and we expect to see them boarding boda bodas while going home, buying roasted maize on the roadsides and even wearing attires they know very well that they can’t fit in.

Well, dear imposters, for your information we are dumb no more! It is high time we the countrymen and especially the youth to know what we want and not what we’re forced to. It is time we know who we want judging by genuine visions for we and not who has influence and sheer controversies. It is time we vote independently and not bribed into voting for anyone who is just but venomous snake to our future. It is time we call for action before and after exercising our democratic rights.

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