Rampant increment in cases of abortions and other illegal practices in the higher levels of education

By: Teresia Njeri Ndung’u

Institutions of higher levels of education such as universities and colleges have come out as the most horribly-termed places in terms of ill-mannered practices such as lesbianism and gayness, abortions, fornication, drug abuse and other mull-practices one can imagine. Despite these institutions accommodating the “full grownups and learned people” as they are referred by many in the society, these practices pose a question about the title they’ve acquired from the public. However, after provable researches in different colleges and universities, several results have come to the limelight concerning these illegal practices.

The major thing that leads to such practices is the peer pressure. Once the students ally and become best of friends, it becomes so obvious that they do everything together. They share secrets and even the material things. The fact that we all come from different matrimonial homes, always brings up indifference amongst the students. In order to live a lifestyle like that of the other, some students involve themselves in unhealthy relationships, prostitution and other practices in order to get money. The core results thus cause such disgusting and harmful effects in their lives.

Coming from poor backgrounds to most of them also contribute a lot. As they try to get a surviving gear, they involve themselves to the ill-practices in order to have a survival. Nearly three quarters of the students who carry abortions come from poor families and thus abortion becomes their choice after realizing that they have nothing to cater for newborns after birth. Though some of them do the abortion after a threat from the “to-be the father” of the child, many do it out of their own liking.

To those who involve themselves in drug addiction, they are mainly pulled by eagerness to know what a drug is all about. Just as practice makes perfect, a persisted behavior becomes like a disease that is too difficult to come out of it. They therefore can’t do anything without consuming the drug. Lesbianism and gayness as well result from initial unhealthy relationships one had with the other gender though some of such cases also happen out of fear and lack of understanding towards the opposite gender.

The government has tried to contribute in evasion of such practices through the financial support such as HELB though it has been proved not enough to cater for all the needs the students require in school. Special attention should be taken when cautioning the students. This is in the sense that the institutions should establish some forums where students can come out and freely talk of what is in their minds and what they are going through. By doing so, so many students will be helped and for sure, the ill-practices will finally deteriorate.

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