Reforms in the Football Kenya federation (FKF)

By Mwevetsi Mike Chumba

Our men’s football team has experienced many challenges in the last few years that require resolutions before wasting many talents. We have seen many managers come and go without being told the reasons behind. Currently, we are playing world cup qualifiers and our team was doing arguably not bad. The manager that is in the team was appointed some months back and was settling in the team well and as fans we were rallying behind him to take our football to the next level only for him to quit before the qualifiers are finished. Before him the one whom he succeeded didn’t last in the team. With this kind of drama is our team really going to make it anywhere? If we don’t get reforms, are we going to exploit our talents from the local level?

We don’t need to import managers from different parts of the world to succeed. We must understand that our local managers know much about our talents from the local levels and can help this national team reach greater heights. First, we should ensure what they require is availed in time. In this footballing world you need the resources to compete. Taking a look at other countries that are flourishing in this sport, they have invested heavily in this sector. The issue of managers resigning, sacking of managers is a thing of the past to such countries. We have to emulate them to grow our football.

Bringing foregn managers is not a bad idea but how long they last is the major concern. Why can’t the issues be solved internally and let the manager stay. It’s not been long since one of the former managers who claimed to be sacked without his consent sued the federation demanding huge sum of money to paid to him. Such cases bring shame to our nation. As a patriotic citizen I want to see better reforms in the federation and stop these minor issues from bringing our football down. The chairman should review his options improve in the sector of appointing managers. As a country let’s know where we have problems in the federation and should be reformed by those in charge, or we get new members on board who can do a perfect job there.

We have good local managers who are doing well in the Kenya Premier League and should be considered for the job if foreign managers are hard to hire and maintain.

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