Dandruff is one of the oldest tales. It is caused by a fungus called Malassezia which grows on the scalp and makes the skin damaged and very dry. However, there is also another type of dandruff that causes the scalp to start producing oil and thus appearing sticky and oily on the hair.

Some of the practices that can cause dandruff include irregular washing and brushing of hair, not using the correct shampoo, Parkinson’s disease amongst others.

It is important that as you take care of your health and skin, you also keep your hair in mind. Although sometimes we do our best, we still end up having dandruff that just won’t go away. Below are few home remedies you can use to help you get rid of this condition.

Washing your hair regularly.

Ensure you wash your hair as regularly as possible using a tea tree or medicated shampoo if you experience constant cases of dandruff. Washing your hair regularly ensures that your scalp remains clean and that the fungus responsible for dandruff doesn’t get to grow.

You should also brush your hair from the scalp to remove any traces of the fungus right from the scalp as you brush. You can consider having someone help you with this before going for a wash.

Using vinegar

Vinegar helps remove any excess oils on the scalp that may have been caused by the fungus causing dandruff. The vinegar also ensures that any fungus does not thrive on your scalp due to its acidic nature.

For this, use equal parts of apple cider vinegar with water and pour it on your already washed hair. Let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing it off.

Coconut oil with lemon

You can consider adding a few spoons of lemon juice into your coconut oil whenever you are oiling your hair. Coconut oil has antifungal properties while lemon dries out any oils that facilitate growth of fungus. This concoction will also make the environment unstable for the fungus because of its acidic nature.

Green tea

Green tea has a number of benefits to the hair including helping to stimulate hair growth, reducing hair fall as well as getting rid of dandruff.

You can brew some green tea, let it cool then pour and massage it into your scalp. Let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing off. Ensure to wash your hair with shampoo before using the green tea. If you are not washing your hair on that day you can use a used teabag on your hair and the components in the tea will keep the fungus from growing.

Olive oil

Olive oil is great on dandruff and has very many benefits for the hair. Massage it on your hair about three times a week and every time you wash your hair. Olive oil helps prevent dandruff from growing.


A number of us may not like the smell of garlic on their heads considering it’s very hard to get rid of the scent. However, you can purchase unscented garlic oil for this and use it as your hair oil.

But for those who don’t mind the smell, blend a few cloves with water, strain, massage the strained water onto your scalp after washing your hair and let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing. Garlic makes the hair and scalp unsuitable for the fungus that causes dandruff to thrive.


Vitamins supplements

You can use vitamin supplements to take care of your hair loss and they include either vitamin pills or vitamin oil capsules. For the vitamin pills these are your normal multivitamin pills which help boost your immunity by providing your body with the nutrients it needs for you to remain healthy. For the vitamin oil capsule, these are available at beauty supply points all you need is to apply the oil onto your scalp and hair and massage twice a week to promote hair growth.

Have a protein rich diet

Our bodies need proteins not only for tissue repair, but for healthy hair and nails. Eating fish, lean meat, beans and other protein rich foods can help promote hair health and in turn help to stop hair loss.

Scalp massage using essential oils

Essential oils such as castor oil and rose water are known for their benefits in boosting hair growth and increasing hair volume. You can consider massaging a mixture of your favorite essential oil on to your scalp twice or thrice a week to improve blood circulation in the scalp and improve your hair quality and increase hair growth.


Being dehydrated not only dries your skin but also causes your hair to break and fall out. Make sure to consume your recommended 8 glasses of water daily as this makes sure that your scalp doesn’t dry up and get flaky thus causing hair loss. Being hydrated provides your hair with enough moisture to prevent breakage and hair loss.

Green tea

Green tea has been used over the years to deal with hair fall. All you need is to brew the green tea, let it cool and pour it on your hair and let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing it off. You can also massage brewed green tea bags on your scalp mostly on the affected areas.

Reduce alcohol intake

Excessive alcohol intake generally affects your immunity and can also cause hair fall. You can consider minimizing your alcohol intake levels as alcohol reduces the rate of hair growth and causes hair to be weak.


Stress is one of the contributing factors when it comes to hair fall. Everyone’s body adjusts differently to stress and for some people they lose hair when stressed. It is important to learn how to manage your stress levels by taking some time off to rest and distress. Yoga, runs and long walks are some of the best ways to distress.

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