Tears of a counselor

Michael Chikawonda aka Local Man From Abroad

Local Man From Abroad


When doctors are sick they can prescribe medication,

The problem comes when a counselor needs counselling,

Who can lend a helping hand when the strong one was yours,

Who can comfort you when you were the shoulder to lean on,

Tears of a counselor are the rarest to see,

How can u shed tears when they expect you to wipe theirs,

My soul drowning in tears,

My heart heavy with the unexplainable pain,

The pain inside slowly taking me to a place of unimaginable sorrows,

I’m hurting inside, someone please listen to my cries,

The ink of my pen resembles my tears,

Words on the paper resembles scars imprinted on my heart,

Rescue me before I’m history,

Take me with you before I’m long gone.


¶¶The Local Man From Abroad

¶¶The Therapist



Michael Chikawonda aka Local Man From Abroad.

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