Bullied young girl

By: Lucy Macharia

There are some people whenever they are angry or dissatisfied with life, express the pain in them through harming others. If you happen to come across such people and you seem different from them high chances are likelihood of them bullying you.

Differences in looks and way of doing things attributes to this. If your look or behaviour is different from that of the rest of people around you in school, workplace, residential estate or other social places bullies may arise.

This is to tend you see your reaction to different circumstances in life to try to show you that you are different from them.  they therefore examine the differences between you and them through bullying.

Jealousy. When some people perceive you have better chances than them, they envy your success. They wish to harm you with an aim that your downfall will leave them as the most superior in the territory. Other people may be jealous and harm you out of mere hatred.

Bullies use their power to hurt and control others making them to feel unsafe in places where they should feel protected. Some people take bullying as their way of life and fail to mind that the person being bullied or victim is feeling hurt.

Children who are brought up in informal settlement areas like slums where violence is rampant may take harassment as a style of living.

The other group of people who are likely to cause havoc to others are those who abuse drug, so they are not in their sober state. Bullying may involve verbal attacks like name-calling, physical assault, damaging and discrimination.


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