Time to invest in Agriculture

A demo farm set up by Mbegu zetu limited at the Rumwe farm in Njoro, Nakuru County. Photo/ Jackson Okata

By: Eustoh Magak

Kenya is a country with very favourable conditions for agriculture. It got fertile soils and good climate which suits agriculture. In fact, it’s one of the leading exporters of tea in the world. This is because of the rich highlands of Kericho, Limuru and other highlands where tea are grown in Kenya favour it’s are richer and fertile. Even with all these favourable conditions for agriculture, it’s quite concerning to see the majority of Kenyans migrating to urban areas craving for urban lives or in look of good paying jobs not keeping in mind the fact that agriculture in our rural areas is one of the best paying employers.

Agriculture is very beneficial to our country. It ensures stable food security to the fast growing population in the country today as the surplus food products are kept in national stores to be used in times when needs arise. Additionally, we can trade the surplus products with other countries as this earns our country the foreign exchange.

Local industries or companies that deal in agricultural products also get a boost when the products are locally available since they won’t spend a lot of money in importing the raw materials. Agriculture can at times be a source of employment as the farmers get paid when their products are bought by different companies hence improved living standards for them. In addition to that, availability of agricultural products within the country can help the Government save on the money they spend on importing crops when crisis arise as such money can be directed to another development project.

A wake-up call is therefore made to all Kenyans to venture into Agriculture should they fail in their pursuit of white-collar jobs.

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