To Forget and Forgive…

Prerna Sharma

By Prerna Sharma

Should he be forgiven?

Should he apologise?

Should he be given another chance?

These are the questions of all the questions that have hijacked my heart and mind.

Dude, he cheated on me

He shook my heartstrings

He shook my faith in love

Lied a lot, cheated not once but many times

He didn’t even apologise

Now he asks, won’t I forgive him?

Give him another chance?

If I forgive

What would you do if you were in my place?

If I am I in your place,

I would be magnanimous

I would have forgiven myself first,

Then think of forgiving him later.

We cannot forgive others

Until we forgive ourselves.

By believing in someone, we place our trust in them more than ourselves

But, by laying down our defences, we give him the first weapon to attack us, to enslave our brains, to make us even weaker.

We are the first culprits to lay down our arms,

To lay down our defences

We have to forgive ourselves first

Then, only we can forgive him who hurt us

Who abused our trust in him

As soon as we do this

We can sleep peacefully

Forgiveness should not be one-sided

That person should also apologise

From the heart.

Only then he too can sleep peacefully

Then it is time to move

Time and tide don’t wait for any one.

Not for me, not for him.

And, when it comes to another chance in life

It is my right to get a second chance

Not him but me

One pain is enough.

Not taking that chance again with him.

Edited By: SHAMLAL PURI in London Senior Editor – UK


Written in Hindi by Prerna Sharma of India.

Translated from Hindi into English and edited by Shamlal Puri in London

Prerna Sharma has a Law Degree and is now working towards her PhD. She is very interested in writing poetry in her spare time.

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