Travelling light

By: Wanjiru Munene

Easter is around the corner and this means that some people will go on vacation. One of the most relieving thing for people who are travelling is to be able to travel with little luggage and travel light without so much baggage. Travelling light also means no baggage fee less baggage fees which can help you save money. For a person to have fewer luggage, you need to know how to pack your clothes well so as to avoid cutter. Here are some tips that can help you to travel light this Easter season:

Choose the right bag

Giving yourself less space is a simple way to ensure that you pack less. This doesn’t mean that you should go for your smallest bag as it might not have enough space, but don’t go for the biggest either because you will find yourself carrying so much. Go for a good medium sized bag, that way you will be able to manage what to carry.

Pack for a week

If you are travelling for more than a week, carry clothes for just a week. Carry clothes for a week and then do laundry. Doing laundry is cheaper than paying for extra luggage. It also comes with the benefit of flexibility and less mental and physical burden.

Wear the bulky ones

If you are carrying a coat, boots or something that is bulky, wear it instead of packing it because it won’t take up any space when you are wearing it. If you are travelling to cold places, dress in layers, wear those coats and pack the light clothes because thin layers take up less space and items like coats and sweaters take so much space.

Carry light shoes

It’s really hard to pack light when shoes are involved, don’t carry many pair of shoes. Wear the heavy or bulky shoe and pack the light pairs. Always carry flat shoes as you travel, they are easier to pack.

Carry the right fabric

Carry clothes that are easier to dry, light, breathable and easy to fold. Fabric like cotton isn’t advisable to carry around since it doesn’t dry easily, its heavy and hard to breathe in.


It’s advisable not to carry toiletries and use the ones provided in the hotel you are staying, or buy when you arrive if you are not staying at a hotel or if you don’t want to use the one provided in a hotel. But if you must carry only carry what you will need for the trip.



Instead of folding your clothes, roll them

Rolling your clothes will save you more space in your luggage so you can limit the number of bags you take on your trip. Folded garments tend to stack up quickly, but you can easily squeeze a rolled-up shirt or pair of pants into the extra space in your bag.








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