By: Grace Akoth


Though hostels are reliable and affordable for many students, there is a pathetic unhygienic condition in these places.

Take the toilets in the hostels for instance, they are not cleaned daily because of water shortage which is another challenge makes its unhealthy. This makes students prone to diseases like cholera, typhoid and even vagina infections for the ladies.

It can lead to death and even poor performance in school because students who have been affected have to stay away from school.

A small room shared by four. It’s stuffy and congested. Students are struggling to get the few amenities provided by the school. A situation where no one can even volunteer to clean their own room, litter everywhere and no one wants to be responsible and help clean up the mess, it’s hard to survive in such a condition without contracting diseases.

It’s high time to raise concern about this and help solve issues that can be avoided. University management should ensure cleanliness in school by employing enough janitors and even creating awareness to the students. The government should also provide enough money for the expansion of boarding facilities offered by universities.

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