‘Vitiligo or yourself?

Onalenna MMOKWA

By: Onalenna MMOKWA

South Africa, Mahikeng.

What is vitiligo

A type of disease that causes the loss of skin colour in blotches, vitiligo occurs when pigment producing cells die or stop functioning

Vitiligo is caused by the lack of pigmentation called melanin is produced by skin cells and may give your skin it’s colour in vitiligo there are not enough melanocytes to produce melanin in your skin this causes white patches to develop on your skin or hair including the mouth, hair & eyes however Vitiligo does not pose a serious threat to one’s health

And there is lots of treatment for Vitiligo, but treatment may improve the appearance of the skin but really does not cure the disease.

That is why

The vision that I have in my own reality because we all have different realities with different perspectives is that because of us as people who have vitiligo we look different by appearance throughout the history of time people who are different in how they appear will always suffer from their society’s predictions about their skin/appearance misconduct.

My vision was that people who are affected by vitiligo must take care that they are judged by their contents of their character more than the appearance of their skin. I saw this dream becoming a reality by my own-self. Acceptance is to heal, to accept yourself is to move on from where you were (Torments, mockery judgements) to most importantly where you are going.

Where you are willing to go in life is more importantly than what and the situation that you are in life, Vitiligo is just an impediment of the body not the will of life, accepting yourself you are teaching people around you to accept you. And how you impose your will in life-you are teaching those around to reflect who you are not what you are, you are teaching the society to value your worth and teach others about you.

I turned my back on treatment  long-time ago at a mere age of 16 years because realising that even if I get cured my skin will heal not me whenever it comes to vitiligo it is all about who you are than what you are.


It is touching how the creation that is so beautiful it is misconcepted. God did not know what colour to make, so he made a rainbow colour, vitiligo is art I personally think that this is something that is precious to humanity, it is a particular segmented group that is different, so it must be uniquely preserved as a precious jewel to humanity. All in all if you have vitiligo stop suffering by taking the form outside and be-little yourself wear your skin in pride and realise that it is not about vitiligo but yourself.


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