What shall entice youths to vote in 2022

Indepedent Electoral and Boundaries commission clerk registering a new voter - Courtesy
By: Lucy Macharia

The process of changing leaders and choosing new ones have been occurring many times after every five years. It’s with sadness that many youths end up regretting why they voted for some leaders. This is because no great impact they get from them.

Despite the sweet promises and fake manifesto they get from them, many ends up being stagnated in their earlier situations of life. They experience no difference of having new leaders. This discourages many from continuing with this practice since they claim it’s a non-profitable act.

But basing on our coming 2022 elections, what shall entice youths to vote

Many of our young people are jobless. They strain a lot to cater for their needs therefore ending being desperate with life. If the leaders to be in 2022 after election promises employment opportunities for at least 50% of young people, this will enable in boosting them. Also, if the government will offer incentives to the youths who are self-employed especially in small and medium enterprises, they will have enabled them to boost their lives. Again, they should think of subsidies that will include loans that will either be zero-rated or vat low-interest rates. The coming leaders should look ways of enhancing this process by rationalising government spending on projects There many of the youths will be enticed to do more in 2022 elections if the above will be put into concern by the coming leaders

In our current lives today, many people have been dying of stress and depression. In most cases many of the political leaders do not raise their concern to know more about this matter. Mental illness being among the killer disease to young people it requires total attention. If an anticipating candidate for 2022 elections will have this as a manifesto, therefore many young people and also others will be enticed to vote for them. If guidance and counseling centres and mental hospitals will be as many therefore many minds of the youths will be enticed.

Many of the young people who are unable to secure jobs, it’s probably they went to school and secured themselves with a high-quality education. This hinders them to become more prospective since they had no ground to realize their potential areas. If therefore they are promised this by incoming leaders, many will be pushed to vote for them.

Any leader who will favour the interests of the young generation will buy the votes of many. Young people having

occupied high population one should come with manifestos that’s favours their interests.  By this many will be enticed and will come all to do the election.

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